pleasure to introduce Ourselves

It is my pleasure to introduce my son, Binyamin and myself as the new owners of Jerusalem Books.


I am the owner of Gefen Publishing House, a family publishing house founded by my father (91 years old and still consulting) and late mother, a Holocaust Survivor and author of Fragments of Memory in 1981.

My son Binyamin (30) joined me three years ago at Gefen ,

Gefen  published hundreds of titles relating to Judaism, Zionism, Jewish History and more which I am hopefully you have heard off or read of some.

We have just acquired Jerusalem books with its staff and the purpose of this letter is first and foremost as an introduction between us.

Ayelet is staying with us and she will continue running the everyday aspect of the business while Binyamin and I will attempt to explore ways in which Jerusalem Books can improve its service to its clients of many years.

We welcome any suggestions and/or comments from you and your staff – on any subject which will help us better service your account.

We are very appreciative of the long relationship and do hope that we can continue supplying you books from Israel for many years to come.

I do travel to North America a few times a year and I will make it a point on one of my next trips to coordinate with you and your staff so that we can meet in person