pleasure to introduce Ourselves

It is my pleasure to introduce my son, Binyamin and myself Ilan as the new owners of Jerusalem Books.

I am the owner of Gefen Publishing House, a family publishing house founded by my father (93 years old and still consulting) and late mother, a Holocaust Survivor and author of Fragments of Memory in 1981.

Ayelet running the everyday aspect of the business while Binyamin and I will attempt to explore ways in which Jerusalem Books can improve its service to its clients of many years.

We welcome any suggestions and/or comments from you and your staff – on any subject which will help us better service your account.

We are very appreciative of the long relationship and do hope that we can continue supplying you books from Israel for many years to come.

I do travel to North America a few times a year and I will make it a point on one of my next trips to coordinate with you and your staff so that we can meet in person


Jerusalem Books Ltd.

For over 20 years, JERUSALEM BOOKS Ltd has specialized in supplying ALL ISRAELI BOOKS and PUBLICATIONS to our customers.

Jerusalem Books specializes in supplying LIBRARIES, UNIVERSITIES, JUDAIC STUDIES COLLECTIONS and DEPARTMENTS, SEMINARIES, RABBIS, PROFESSORS, STUDENTS and all those with interest in books from Israel.

Rabbi Hanan Rivkin z”l, who founded the company, built the business with lower, competitive prices, knowledge, integrity and service. Traditions which we are proud to continue. For more about the company and our staff, see about us.

To all our friends and visitors to our web site we would like to say that this is a work in progress. We will periodically update and change the site to improve it for our clients. At the outset though we would like to state that this site is meant to be a Display Window into Jerusalem Books and not a virtual internet store.

Jerusalem Books Select Customers/Members will receive a unique password and username enabling secure and privileged access to certain data and areas of this site. Please contact us at Jerusalem Books, if you are a customer of ours, to join the group of special select customers/members and to get your username and password.

The purpose of this site is to open another channel of communication between Jerusalem Books and our customers all over the world. The site is meant to be a window into Jerusalem Books and the NEWEST ISRAELI BOOKS AND PUBLICATIONS in all categories, including BIBLE & ARCHAEOLOGY, JEWISH HISTORY, THOUGHT, HOLOCAUST, ISRAEL & ZIONISM, HEBREW LANGUAGE & LITERATURE and SIFREI KODESH, to mention a few.